Quilter’s Olympics… WINNERS

We had so many creative comments!!!
Thank you everyone for making this so fun. 
It is now time to announce our winners… 
The BRONZE goes to KELLY! 
Kelly Says…
I would surely win the gold for the worst case of Q.A.D.D. (Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder). I have been known in a single Saturday to start numerous projects without ever making any progress. My work surfaces are usually covered in piles of fabric I pull for a project but can’t quite commit to cutting, so I pull the next batch, and so on. Darn you Pinterest and all your beautiful inspiration!
The SILVER goes to BEE!
Bee Says… 
i’d be a Gold medalist for the doubles sewing event with my mom! 

when we get together to quilt it’s always fun. we have multiple projects going, typically musicals or old movies playing in the background, snacks and over the sound of the machines – constant quilt talk! 🙂 love it!

The GOLD goes to KAREN in BREEZY POINT !!!
Karen in Breezy Point Says… 
“I would win the gold in “square footage take over”. I’m not sure how I got him to agree, but my husband helped me move my sewing stuff into our huge master bedroom. We then squeezed our king-size bed, dresser, armoire, and 2 bed side tables into what had been my sewing room with about half the square footage. Our guest bath is my “quilt locker” with quilts draped over the shower rod, plastic bins of fabric and UFO’s in the bath tub, and boxes of batting on the toilet. I can’t receive sleep-over company, but I have plenty of room to work on my quilts!

Karen in Breezy Point

Email me with your physical address & I will get your goodies to you in a jiffy! 
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6 comments on “Quilter’s Olympics… WINNERS

  1. Heather A says:

    Congratulations to all the deserving medal winners. I’m standing here with my hand over my heart waiting for the anthem to begin. How about the “Scrap Bag Polka” or “100 Ways To Hide Your Stash”?

    Did you know that someone wrote and recorded a whole cd of quilting themed songs? WHO KNEW?? Thank you, Google. Here’s the link … http://www.singingquilter.com/onestitch.htm

  2. Heather A says:

    Actually, it seems that Cathy Miller has but together a series of quilt-themed cds, 5 in total! Here’s the link …

    I’m loving, “Why Don’t You Have Plain White?”, “No Such Thing as an Ugly Quilt”, and “Quilter’s Husband’s Lament”.

  3. Thank you Moda judges for awarding me the Gold Medal in the Square Footage Take Over event.
    I want to thank my family and especially my husband–I wouldn’t have made it to this point without his help and support (and enabling).
    Seriously, thanks so much!! I’m thrilled–and now I have lots of room for a Go Baby!!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  4. Congrats to the winners!! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and you include some time for stitching…(o:

  5. bee says:

    eeeeee! so thrilled to be a silver medalist! Congrats to the other winners. 🙂

    Look forward to trying out the Sewline products and of course sharing them with my mom/team mate!

  6. Marie G says:

    Congrats to all, especially my doubles partner and daughter. What fun!

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