Get Paid Anywhere.

Our world of technology is forever evolving and doing business where ever you are is becoming easier everyday. It really does not matter the size of company you have when it comes down to getting paid. Everyone that sells something, whether it is a product or service, must have a way to receive payments.


In the “old” days of getting paid, you had to rely on cash or check.  Then banks started issuing credit and debit cards to easily access your money where ever you were.  And now… it’s all becoming virtual!

Check out two great gadgets we like for “Getting Paid” just about anywhere!

 Learn more about Square and the benefits it has for your company here…

 Learn more about PayPal HereTM and the benefits it has for your company here…

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3 comments on “Get Paid Anywhere.

  1. I have been using Square at my shop, The Quilted Purl, since last July and have been delighted with it! No problems at all. In fact, I just got the “Square Register” for my new iPad. Previously, I had been using the Square app on my iPod.

  2. mahoo says:

    I don’t buy from anyone who doesn’t accept PayPal. Just easier for me to use (as an international customer). I’ll have to check out Square.

  3. April says:

    I sure wish Moda and United Notions took PayPal. 🙂

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