On the 8th Day of Christmas…

We posted this bad boy on the blog last month and it was such a hit that we decided it needs to be in EVERY quilters stocking this Christmas!
This nifty Seam Ripper with LED Magnifier is considered the new secret weapon of quilters, sewers and embroiderers!

Here is some info about this cool little gadget…

 Mighty Bright’s innovative model integrates both a light and a magnifier into one cleverly compact unit. The seam ripper features a sharp metal blade that unfolds from the main handle. It allows you to tackle seams and buttons with a genius combination of illumination and magnification.
A 1.25″ lens quadruples the image size of your blade and stitch. The enlarged area is brightened by an energy-efficient LED, bringing details into sharp focus. Its ergonomically shaped handle offers a comfortable grip as you rip, snip and cut away. Durable ABS plastic construction and three micro cell batteries keep the weight at a minimum. The Seam Ripper is an incredible value for a slender dynamo. It fits nicely into any sewing kit, until you’re ready to get down to business ripping seams!
Bright white energy-efficient LED seam ripper
Durable LED lasts 100,000 hours
Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
1.25″ lens
4x magnifier
Ergonomic handle
Rotating arm
Sharp metal blade
Includes plastic safety cover
3 micro cell batteries (included)
5.5″ x 0.75″ x 1.5″ (Length x Height x Width)
Great value! Retails at only $9.99
Today we will be giving away one of these awesome
Mighty Bright Seam Rippers!  
The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.


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2. Leave a COMMENT on the blog as to why you want Santa to bring you this Stocking Stuffer! 
WandaFish said…  I’ve not had the courage to enter a swap yet and this may be just the inspirational kick start I need!  I recently had a wonderful morning with a group of friends at a crafting workshop and have a lovely brooch to show for it 🙂
(Winners are selected using a random number generator)

Make sure to email with your mailing address by the 12th day or we will draw a new winner.  email: sstephenson@unitednotions.com

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253 comments on “On the 8th Day of Christmas…

  1. Linda Dalton says:

    This is just tool cool of a tool! I love it when someone comes up with a gadget that is just perfect, lets you know that they “get” it!

  2. DebrafromMD says:

    Santa really needs to leave one of these in my stocking. My eyes can use all the help they can get.

  3. Wendy says:

    Why haven’t I heard of this? I so need one of these. I’m forever holding my stitching up to the light on my machine so I can rip the stitches out!! That’s why santa needs to bring me one… I rip a lot of stitches out 🙁

  4. cherie says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen this before. Whoever designed it really thought it through. How incredibly helpful for those of us who need the seam ripper frequently : )

  5. Oh, this is just the coolest tool ever! I am constantly having to rip seams out and this would be so helpful!!

  6. Nancy D. says:

    This would be awesome for me since the lighting in my sewing area is not so good.

  7. Linda says:

    This tool is new to me. As my eyes get older, not that I am getting older don’t ya know, seeing clearly is somtimes an issue. This would make sewing more enjoyable as I “seam” to need to rip a seam now and again.

  8. Pamela says:

    My sewing machine dealer introduced us to this notion and sold out immediately! I got one on the second order she placed and absolutely love it! The light is very bright. The cutter is sharp! There is a nice cover for the tip!

  9. Julie says:

    This is such a neat tool. It will help my daughters see better. Ha!

  10. LKDrum says:

    What a great tool! It sure will make removing stitches on dark fabric easier. Love to win!!! Lana D.

  11. Karen says:

    OK my blog name is “Where is my seam ripper”. Nuf said!

  12. what a fantastic little tool, it’s like the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for those who sew!
    I’d like Santa to bring me this as a stocking stuffer as I think’s it’s really cool & I’ve been a very good girl this year

  13. D y a says:

    wow, as far as I’m concerned this must be the invention of the year LOL.

  14. Pam says:

    my new eyes could use this help

  15. Unknown says:

    I am the queen of “Frogging” Rippit, Rippit, Rippit. I need one of these desperately. What a wonderful idea.

  16. Gwen says:

    Ripping out is my most UNfavorite thing EVER~! Partially because it is such a strain on my eyes to see what I’m doing– this lighted magnifier seam ripper might just make a dreaded chore actually kinda fun! 😉 Thank you for giving us a chance to win!! 🙂

  17. KVatt says:

    Doc said I could use bifocals. Perhaps this could delay that purchase a little while longer… Thanks!

  18. Unknown says:

    I had to sign in but probably lost my Frogging post. I was unknown> Queen of Frogging. Rats!!

    I am the consummate ripper always having a seam ripper at my disposal.

  19. Kd says:

    I really could have used this tool yesterday sewing knits. I had to rip out some stitching and the thread matched so well I couldn’t see the stitches. Blah! what a cool tool…love it! I’m a follower as WeimerMom. 🙂 Kd

  20. mama dub says:

    This is a fantastic invention! My old eyes could really use it.

  21. gill says:

    This looks such a nifty gadget – I’m a sucker for gadgets!!
    Congratulations to Wandafish!!

  22. Ann in NC says:

    Looks pretty niffty! I always laughed about needing a magnifier and more light… well, it isn’t so funny anymore!

  23. Since my theory behind ripping seams is that once the quilt is sewn together and the mistake can still be seen THEN it deserves to be ripped out (now of course there are exceptions to this rule) I generally rip a GREAT DEAL when I do rip….therefore, I NEED a good seam ripper and this seems like just the one.

  24. evelouise says:

    More light on the “subject” always helps. And new ideas are always great.I think I need to try this one!! Thaks for the giveaway.

  25. Gloria says:

    I hope Santa thinks I have been good enough to get one of these in my stocking……

  26. Effie says:

    That’s just what I need!

  27. TADVR says:

    What a great tool, we all “Rippit” and I’m always lookng for my seam ripper. This is large enough that I might not lose it, as everything seems to roll away.

  28. Kate says:

    What a nifty gadget…not that my eyes are bad or that I need bifocals or anything…lol

  29. How handy would that be!!!!!

  30. Jeanne says:

    This would be just the greatest
    thing to have when sewing/quilting.

  31. Kate says:

    Oh I so need one of these – what a fantastic gadget!

  32. AnnieO says:

    That’s a good deal at 9.99 but even better if Santa puts in my stocking! My sewing corner has poor lighting and an extra spotlight on my ripping would be a big bonus.

  33. What a nifty little gadget.

  34. Cori Lewis says:

    I can’t believe I have never seen this before!!! This would be a great gadget especially for those late night quilting sessions!

  35. Threads says:

    This would be really handy!

  36. harleywife57 says:

    I need this because I am 54 and have the older people’s eye going on with bifocals and contacts and can’t focus good !!! thanks ! I just posted on yesterday’s giveaway thinking it was today — haha !

  37. Unknown says:

    Perfect for someone who struggles with their vision. Hope I win

  38. Debbie B Sam says:

    Now that’s a sweet handy gadget, please Santa leave this for my, my old eyes are getting worse!

  39. Ruth says:

    I know I am not perfect and too often end up needing to rip out a seam. This tool would be ideal as my eyes are not what they used to be!

  40. This would be sooooo helpful to my mid-40’s, “I don’t need glasses”, “I’m not squinting”, “What thread?” eyes…LOL! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  41. Kay says:

    My eyes are certainly not what they used to be, so as much as I hate to rip out, I do it & this would be so handy to use.

  42. Becky says:

    I am loving the ‘new’ gadgets that you are giving away. My wish list for Chrsitmas is expanding!

  43. What???? There is a notion I don’t have! Please, please let me win it. Then I’ll have every nifty notion there is. I’ll die happy!clat

  44. ina says:

    would love to win this tool – nobody is perfect.

  45. This is the coolest, and I need all the ripping help I can get, it’s so frustrating.

  46. Kristen says:

    This is one neat seam ripper! 🙂

  47. Gina S. says:

    I need this in my stocking! I’m blind as a bat without my glasses and could use all the help i can get. Plus i just love new toys for sewing. 🙂

  48. Tracy says:

    These new gadgets are just what I need as the eyes aren’t what they use to be! How clever! Great with a light too!

  49. Gina S. says:

    I’m a follower

  50. Aggiequilter says:

    My “mature” eyes could certainly use this very cool tool!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. pwollen says:

    This is so cool. With all the mistakes I make I definitely need one of these. Doesn’t help that the eyesight is getting worse.

  52. kathleen says:

    I see the light! And the stitches to pick out… Great to win it!

  53. nance99 says:

    This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Keep ’em coming! Love the ease of use and love gadgets especially when they make things easier,.

  54. Aunt LeAnn says:

    Wow something my tired eyes needs after a day of sewing.

  55. Phyllis says:

    What a wonderful gadget! I need this since I can’t see things without my contacts or glasses. This would be so helpful.
    I follow your blog already.

  56. Lee Ann says:

    Neat gadget! But, I think someone else should get this should my name be drawn. So, please redraw. I’m just hoping to win the grand prize. 🙂

  57. KT says:

    My tired old eyes would sure like this seam ripper!

  58. Jayme says:

    Very neat tool. I am legally blind so I could certainly use all the help I can get.

  59. Susi Ripple says:

    This would make “making” mistakes easier to handle, being able to see clearer when ripping apart would be great!

  60. Sonia B says:

    Looks awesome. I do a lot of seam ripping 😉 Thanks for the chance!

  61. Teresa says:

    What an incredible thing. I’d like it as it will make correcting mistakes quicker.

  62. BuzyStitches says:

    OH my Gosh, this would be such a great gift to get with my aging eyes. Thanks

  63. would be an awesome tool to give to my mom with alzheimers who still sews and quilts to keep her mind going merry christmas netta

  64. Patty says:

    The way my eyes are aging, hehe, this would be a great tool to have!

  65. Nancy says:

    I NEED this – my seam ripper and I are best friends, and it’s hard to see with middle-age eyes! LOL!

  66. Darlene says:

    What a great tool. It seems every year I have a harder time seeing those little stitches. Going to add this to my Christmas list.

  67. WOW!! If I don’t win, I’m going to order and stick it in my stocking anyway on my own. This is a super cool gadget. Santa needs to bring this to me as my seam ripper and I are BFFs. LOL!!

  68. Mary says:

    Why would I want one of these? It’s more like why wouldn’t I? Sewing or making quilt tops, we all need to remove seams at times and can be really frustrating when thread and fabric match. The little light and magnifier would be oh so handy!

  69. This looks like a wonderful tool for these tired old eyes. Great stocking stuffer!

  70. KJ Heaverlo says:

    What a great tool to have. I will be getting this for friends for Christmas!

  71. A light and magnifying glass… that’s luxery! I think I neeeeeed it Santa!

  72. Mamalou says:

    Why do I need this? Because I am blind as a bat (I know, oxymoron) and because I always seem to have to rip out at least one seam because I can’t seem to follow directions very well. This HAD to have been created by a woman!:)


  73. Helen says:

    Wow!! This tool would make my life MUCH easier!!! I could function without my readers while ripping my OCCASIONAL mistakes!

  74. Wow! I really need that, it always seems it is the the tiny stitches that are hardest to see are the ones that need ripping.

  75. Shannon says:

    That is an awesome tool, my grandma and I are arguing over who gets to keep it if I win!

  76. I’m starting a sewing business and this would make a great addition to the tools I have been purchasing!
    Thank you for the entry.
    Kelly on FB
    Sew Lambitious on FB

  77. Just what my tired eyes need! Where can I get one?

  78. Cindi says:

    You mean no more squinting at those tiny stitches. Santa save my eyesight!

  79. KOcanQuilt says:

    Wow. I need Santa to leave this in my stocking because my eyes are getting older and it is hard to see something so small! Thank you for the chance to win something so useful.

  80. Virginia T says:

    Would be a great tool for these old eyes, great combination of tools

  81. teachpany says:

    This is a great tool. I need to try one (and finding it in my stocking would be a great way to try it!)

  82. Ms. De says:

    Dear Santa, it’s not that I make mistakes or my eyesight is getting worse, I just think I might be able to use this…someday :)!!

  83. angbart says:

    This would be a great gift for my Dad who just started sewing!

  84. Carla says:

    Just what my 55+ year old eyes need to do reverse stitching with. I will make sure to ask my other Santa for one just in case I am not the lucky stitcher.

  85. banjo795 says:

    what a great idea! A light AND a magnifying glass on a seam ripper. If Santa brings me this, I won’t have to carry my frog-stitching projects into the other room and sit under the lamp and leave little threads all over the couch!

  86. Sarina says:

    This is a neat tool! I would love to add this to my sewing tools.

  87. Diana says:

    That is the coolest tool.

  88. Katarina says:

    I’ve already seen this super tool but didn’t buy it yet. I wouldn’t refuse it from Santa at all 🙂

  89. Tawney says:

    Just the Reverse Sewing toll I need, looks well thought out.

  90. BRD Girl says:

    Oh my goodness – that is just about the coolest tool I have seen! This is an amazing stocking stuffer – I would love to add it to my “go to” tools!! Brilliant…

  91. Beckyjean says:

    I would love to find this tool in my stocking this year. It seems to be getting harder to see those tiny stitches & this would be a wonderful addition to my sewing supplies.


  92. James-Linda says:


  93. Rhonda D. says:

    I’d love to have this tool!
    My “old” eyes would really appreciate it! Thanks for the
    opportunity to win!

  94. bethalice says:

    I want Santa to bring me this because I am bland as a bat and have ruined far too many projects because I cut the fabric instead of the thread.

  95. Santa knows that I need every help I can get and this would certainly reduce a lot of eye strain.

  96. Patty C. says:

    Oh – i need this so i can use that lens with my glasses when i go to renew my drivers license – i need to stay mobile so i can make it to Joanns -lol

  97. For Quilting says:

    Awesome invention!!!

  98. As a beginning quilter I know that ripping out seams neatly is a must! I truly feel I really need this tool to do a great job on my quilt projects! I love the idea of the lighted magnifier, my eyes would be grateful to you!

  99. Chiska says:

    I can never find my seam ripper–this one looks big enough I might be able to keep track of it–the easy on the eyes helps too! 🙂

  100. Diane H says:

    Everything I use needs a light attached at my age. Great idea – thanks for a chance.

  101. Sally says:

    I just bought one of these wonderful things. If I win, I would give it to my BFF Jeanne.

  102. Jill says:

    My old lady eyes need this. Plus, everything I sew/ wear is black. 🙂

  103. JoyceLM says:

    This tools is made for me. I have a form of glaucomo and this would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Susan says:

    I would love to get this in my stocking. I just had eye surgery and am not seeing the way I used to. This is just what I need for picking out stitches!
    Thanks for offering!

  105. Sandy says:

    Santa, here’s your chance to put something in my stocking I can USE!!!

  106. Kristin says:

    My eyes would be forever grateful for this little gifty.

  107. Leslie C says:

    I need a new seam ripper, and this looks like just the ticket!

  108. Sandra says:

    I could really use this item since my eyes seem to be getting older than the rest of me.

  109. Lee Ann says:

    My seam ripper is my favorite sewing tool, that is until my son used it to dig up a certain rock. Now it just stands as a reminder to why we love them. right?

  110. Pamela says:

    This looks like a super tool – as I had a significant birthday last year and it seems a little harder to see those details than it used to!

  111. CJ says:

    As Santa knows my eyes are going! Having to unpick teeny stitches is hard work – this would surely help me out!

  112. Jenny says:

    Santa is bringing my 6 year old daughter a sewing machine this year, so a seam ripper is a logical stocking stuffer!

  113. Karen says:

    Larger and Lighted is always good !! Thanks for sharing… Karen

  114. Mom2RyandSis says:

    I want Santa to bring me this just in case 🙂 Hopefully it won’t get overused!!

  115. Dona says:

    Why? Because I’m 65 and I need it! (LOL) thanks!

  116. neubiewaters says:

    Just joined in today, but that baby looks awesome!

  117. mary says:

    What a cool looking gadget. This would very much come in handy

  118. I am quilting a quilt with clear thread right now and could so use this!

  119. ritainalaska says:

    for my aging eyes .. it would be such a help! rippers are my best, most used tool, sad to say.

  120. Team D says:

    I use my ripper A LOT–this gadget looks so cool.

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  121. Marsha says:

    I never rip, I just toss!! I can’t see those tiny stitches… This would be the answer.

  122. lanybleu says:

    Ohh I would love one of those gadgets, looks great and would look lovely in my sewing bag.

  123. epban says:

    My “maturing” eyes want to see this in my stocking this year!

  124. Nicole F. says:

    This would be wonderful in my poorly lit crafting space! I usually end up walking over to a window to get good light to see what I am doing 🙂

  125. gccmom says:

    A seam ripper with a magnifier….how awesome. That would sure help these tired eyes.

  126. Mary Deckert says:

    My eyes would love this tool! Thank you!

  127. MarleneC says:

    Love this. Oh, to be able to see those hidden little stitches without dragging out tweezers, magnifying glass and a good light.

  128. VickiT says:

    That is such a great tool for anyone but for sure for those like me with ‘getting older’ eyes. lol

  129. Maureen says:

    With my vision I need the magnifyer and light!

  130. Kathryn says:

    My sewing room doesn’t have the best light, and this would be good for those FEW occasions when I make a sewing mistake! Kathie L in Allentown

  131. Dawn says:

    I think everyone needs one of these gadgets!

  132. Tamsyn says:

    I love this tool. It would be much easier than piling reading glasses one on top of the other to see well enough to rip.

  133. ruthianna says:

    Wow, what a great notion to have. My 70 year old eyes sure would like that!!

  134. jules says:

    This is definitely on the top of my list of most needed gadgets.

  135. Susanp says:

    Oh My! What an awesome present to me that would be!!! Hee Hee Hee…it would help me SEE!!!

  136. Jen says:

    This would be one handy little gadget! :o)

  137. TINA says:

    What an awesome idea. Especially since I am putting off buying the next level of reading glasses.

  138. chefpa says:

    Wow, do I ever need this seam ripper! I believe I do almost as much “unsewing” as sewing!

  139. Laura says:

    I totally need this! As a fairly new sewer, I’m frequently ripping out seams, and this would help so much!

  140. Jeanie says:

    My tired old eyes would love this! Thanks!

  141. Narelle says:

    I hate to admitt it, but this tool would be very useful at my house. The eyes aren’t what they used to be and un-sewing is not pleasant!

  142. Judith says:

    This has to be the greatest idea since sliced bread! I hope to get this in my stocking…I need it!

  143. Natalya Hoak says:

    I love how this is all in one little tool! I’m a new quilter and still slowly accumulating quilting tools.

  144. Debbie says:

    That is just the coolest thing ever. My getting older eyes could sure use something like this.

  145. Cheryl says:

    I make so many mistakes and this would make undoing those mistakes much easier.

  146. Santa should REALLY bring me this stocking stuffer because he knows in my haste lately, I have been making extra mistakes that take TOO long to unsew because my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.

  147. Marija says:

    Wow – dear, dear Santa, I NEED this one! No, no, I am perfect and don’t make any mistakes (wink, wink!) – I just need to have all the coolest gadgets! 😉

  148. “As you sew, so shall you rip” LOL

    Just qualified for my 1st pair of reading glasses this year – magnified seam ripper would be AWESOME (maybe I could even skip the glasses!)

  149. Joyce K says:

    As much as I need this – I want it for my secret Santa gift to Linda A. in our ‘over 50’ sewing group. This is a terrific idea – Love it. (I’ll be sure to buy mine – my old eyes need it too.) Joyce

  150. charlotte says:

    I’m sure Santa can understand that these old eyes could use a hand when it comes to ripping.

  151. LJ says:

    I’ve been hearing some rave reviews about this magnified, lighted, unsewer!! Santa KNOWS I could put this wonderful device to good use.

  152. bairdmtn says:

    What a cool little gadget!! Now I need one of these!!!

  153. Quilt Hollow says:

    I commented on this blog back when you all first shared spotting it at market and now I have a chance to win one! Woo Hoo….these eyes would be thankful!

  154. Nancy says:

    This is perfect for those of us you have older eyes!!!

  155. Zoe says:

    This would certainly find its way to my mama’s christmas stocking- totally perfect for her!

  156. nähtina says:

    Oh my gosh….

    You don’t know how often I use my seam ripper – I even have two of them…

    It would be great to have this one – either to use it, or, to follow Murphy’s Law, and don’t need to use it any longer.


  157. drmithome says:

    The most useful notion ever. I need this.

  158. judithannie says:

    this will make un-sewing so much easier and I do so much un-sewing

  159. vlrceder says:

    oh, I NEED one of those!

  160. Georgi Sears says:

    I couldn’t think of a more perfect tool ~ especially as often as I seem to need a seam ripper (AND my reading glasses AND better light!) Thanks for the chance to win (fingers crossed!!)

  161. bks72946 says:

    Although I am getting younger with each passing hour, my eyes are not going along with the rest of my organs. They are aging at 10x factor in relation to the rest of my bodies’ rejuvenation.

    In other words: I can’t see worth a hoot, so I need this badly!

  162. bks72946 says:

    Although I am getting younger with each passing hour, my eyes are not going along with the rest of my organs. They are aging at 10x factor in relation to the rest of my bodies’ rejuvenation.

    In other words: I can’t see worth a hoot, so I need this badly!

  163. annmarie says:

    I am a follower and I need Santa to put this in my stocking cause everyone needs a new seam ripper every so often & this one is super nice!!

  164. Beth says:

    OH my do I need this – both the light and the magnifing would help so much!

  165. soren2go says:

    My aging eyes NEED this tool.

  166. Dee says:

    Love this tool! It would help to see those stitches better.

  167. ikceb says:

    Alas, I spend a lot of time unsewing. But they say it builds character!

  168. Becky says:

    What a brilliant new notion!!! I’d love to give this one a try. My seam ripper is used a great day. Definitely could use the light and magnifying glass:) Thanks for highlighting this product!

  169. Cindi P. says:

    What a great way to spend time unsewing 🙂 Thanks for the chance to wine!

  170. I really need a lighted seam ripper!! It sounds fabulous!

  171. Nancy in MT says:

    My eyes could certainly use the help of this nifty notion.

  172. Jagels says:

    I really need a secret weapon in my sewing room as i get older i need that light and magnifying glass eve more. It would fit nicely in my stocking.

  173. Tiara says:

    I need this tool so that I can bring a liffle 007 into my life and my quilts!

  174. Heather A says:

    I’m a relative quilting beginner and already, much to my dismay, I’ve learned that ripping out threads is mostly a fact of life. Man, do I need one of these!

  175. kn says:

    Love these lighted tools! My glasses can help just so much as I age, but I feel I need more light on the subject.

  176. Santa needs to bring me this b/c I make more mistakes than the average sewer. 😛

  177. As one grows older, you realize how every important good light and magnification can be… combine that with a need to craft and here you have the ideal little tool!!!

  178. Connie says:

    What a cool idea! I’m always ripping out seams or stitching so I’d sure love it if Santa dropped one in my stocking!

  179. wendy says:

    My seam ripper and I have a real connection…maybe we could use a little competion. Put it in my stocking, Santa!

  180. LesQuilts says:

    This great little seam ripper will make my life sew much easier I will be able to put off getting new bifocals!!!!
    Thanks for the Giveaway!
    Take care, Leslie

  181. Dorian says:

    Sigh~ getting older, eyes are starting to strain…would be a great gift to find in my stocking.

  182. Robin says:

    I would love Santa to put this in my stocking! It would make seeing those tiny paper pieced stitches muc easier to see!

  183. Carla G says:

    Santa, this would be a nice new quilting tool that would get lots of use. As we all have to do some frog sewing… Rippity Rip Rip! Thanks! 🙂

  184. Katie says:

    I’d like this piece but to give as a stocking stuffer for my mom. I think she would really appreciate how much easier it would be to see those stitches!

  185. Beth says:

    Oh yes I can use one of these! I won’t have to sit on the floor under the lamp with a magnify glass in one hand, a seam ripper in the other and an extra pair of glasses on!!!!!

  186. Cheryl says:

    What an amazing little gadget! It would definitely get some good use in my sewing room!

  187. sanann says:

    that is a neat little ripper! Sandi

  188. Elise says:

    I have often wished for a gadget like this, maybe this will help my old eyes when I have to unsew.

  189. Lorri says:

    Oh Santa! Please bring me one of these for CHristmas!

  190. Fignie says:

    Very nifty tool! I looks so techie, yet made for a quilter …. so me! 🙂

  191. Cindy says:

    This would be great because I have a really hard time seeing for the close-up work.

  192. Heidi says:

    Sew sweet! I might not need to change to stronger readers… the ones I can never find.

  193. MaryLou says:

    Oh, boy what a great notion for those over worked stitching/quilting eyes -and who doesn’t have to SOME amount of reverse sewing. Would be front and center in my tool cup for sure!!!

  194. JustPam says:

    I am a follower and agree that every quilter should have one of these. I know that I just can’t see as well as I used to and would so appreciate owning one of these myself.

  195. Penny Barnes says:

    I need one of these, please!

  196. bestjlb says:

    Well, I am definitely very much acquainted with seam rippers, but this one is just too cool! I NEED this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. Mary says:

    What an awesome tool! I need Santa to bring me one because in the couple of years since I turned fifty they’ve started making needle eyes and print on packages and so many things so much smaller. The light and magnifier would sure make my life a lot easier!
    Merry Christmas!

  198. CaraQuilts says:

    Ok I SUPER DUPER really want this one! My eyes are terrible so I find picking out stitches a real pain, this would make it so much easier!!

  199. GG says:

    Wanted to let you know I’m following the blog!

  200. GG says:

    What a great help this tool would be to me – my eyesight seems to be going!

  201. My eyes aren’t what they used to be so I’m sure they’d appreciate all the help they can get!
    Please include me~thanks!!


  202. Barb says:

    Unfortunately I find myself having to “unsew” more often than I care to admit and my eyes aren’t what they use to be so I think this cool item will be just the thing the make my “unsewing” easier!! 🙂

  203. Linda says:

    I’d like this lighted seam ripper because – it should make it easier to perform a boring task and save on the old eye strain. And I’m all for both of these!

  204. kshackabq says:

    Just signed up to follow. That little magnified seam ripper would be a very helpful tool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  205. scottylover says:

    How the heck did I miss this the FIRST time you posted about it?? I would LOVE to have one in my stocking! The older I get the harder it is for me to see the little stitches I need to rip, s this would be perfect!

    Sandy A

  206. marogez says:

    What a neat little gadget! I agree with most of the posts I need this getting close to the big 5-0 and it is harder to see those tiny stitches!

  207. quemadorose says:

    This a great tool for someone like me who’s eye sight needs a little more help then they used to.

  208. Judee says:

    I call my seam ripper Jack and he sure needs a new pal. this tool would be great for my aging eyes.

  209. Michelle says:

    Oh Wow!! Not only do I follow this blog, I do a lot of “unsewing”. Several friends have this seam ripper and love it.

  210. emmy says:

    I found a small pair of scissors with an optional magnifying glass, but this surpasses that notion. This would be perfect for the dark fabrics and thread; black and black especially.

  211. Renea says:

    I have never seen this new seam ripper. Would love to be able to try it. thanks for the great giveaway.

  212. Staci says:

    I am new to sewing/quilting and I LOVE gadgets. This is right up my alley. 🙂

  213. Piecepatcher says:

    This is one handy gadget! I definitely need one of these. On second thoughts I need one to give to a student who has macular degeneration.

  214. Linda V says:

    I am a new follower. Thanks for the super giveaway!

  215. I follow Getting old and definately need this.

  216. Ann says:

    I’ve never seen this tool before, how wonderful! I certainly can use all the help I can get since my vision is not what it use to be!

  217. Elisa says:

    Why do I want this gadget? BecauseI’m finally admitting that I’m getting older… And need it more often 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  218. macbeaner says:

    this is so cool! My seam ripper is my best friend!

  219. This is the prefect tool for us over 60s. The eyes aren’t what they used to be.

  220. LeAnne says:

    I want one of these because my eyesight is very quickly getting worse. I hate getting old!

  221. KMSC says:

    As I get older, my eyes get tired more easily. This tool will really help me “unsew” with less eyestrain.

  222. My eyes sure could use the breat that this tool would give them!!!

  223. Cecilia says:

    Santa really needs to bring me one of these.

  224. ShirleyC says:

    I’m a follower, and like everyone on here, I NEED and WANT this! I have to keep buying stronger reading glasses just to use for ripping out seams and doing hand sewing.
    Ripping out machine embroidery is the hardest. This is just a must have tool for me because I’m always ripping! LOL

  225. Marilee says:

    Every sewer/quilter I know needs this new and improved tool. I must find one.

  226. Liana says:

    Wow, that looks like an amazing little gadget!

  227. Deb says:

    My eyes would thank you forever for this little gadget!

  228. Zuzan says:

    Hi, Lights, Cut, Action – have fun.
    Susan S

  229. Di says:

    Seam rippers work hard in my house (lol) so a seam ripper with a magnifying glass would be very much appreciated by this short sighted stitcher. I am already a Follower of this inspirational blog too.

  230. Kellieann says:

    Love Love love it.

  231. Beth says:

    I have to take off my glasses to rip out a seam I need this but have not seen this in our town

  232. aztel2000 says:

    Wow! I am going to be on the look out for one of these–my old eyes need all the help they can get.
    Karen in Breezy Point

  233. Mommarock says:

    Oh the visual challenges that age brings.. one day you can read that fine print, and thread that needle and the next.. POOF.. how does that work??

  234. Phyldar says:

    At 62 I can use all the help I can get – especially when I flub my stitching during a senior moment! Santa, I really need this in my stocking this year *Ü*

  235. abc bug says:

    I sure need this 🙂

  236. Evelene S says:

    Oh Santa I wanted this so bad but I was late to the game!

  237. Keri says:

    I just got back into quilting and sewing after many years away from it. I am doing a lot of seam ripping and these old, tired eyes could sure use this product. 🙂

  238. Karen says:

    Who doesn’t need a great seam ripper?? And for those of us with maturing eyes, the light is fantastic.

  239. kathy says:

    really cool stuff!!

  240. SewCalGal says:

    This is an excellent seam ripper and a great stocking stuffer idea too!

  241. RobbieJoy says:

    I’m a follower commenting to win!

  242. Sally says:

    I went out and bought one of these things. Great!!

  243. Purl Buttons says:

    It is just a cool tool.

  244. Susan says:

    THanks for all the chances to win! This has been a great event!

  245. Marcia W. says:

    Hmmm my comment didn’t post
    This is a jewel of a kool tool. This is a catch-up comment.

  246. Marcia W. says:

    Hmmm my comment didn’t post
    This is a jewel of a kool tool. This is a catch-up comment.

  247. WandaFish says:

    This looks like a ‘must have’! I will be dropping big hints as to my Christmas list. My eyes could definitely use some extra help 🙂

  248. MoeWest says:

    This would make a great stocking stuffer! This 12 Days of Christmas has been fun.

  249. poppyinpink says:

    Wonderful idea, really would make reverse sewing easier if you can see the stitches clearly! Thanks for showing us.

  250. Jenniffier says:

    No idea which ones I entered so I am just making sure I comment on all 🙂

  251. Jayme says:

    Can’t wait to see who wins!! Thanks!!

  252. Purl Buttons says:

    Such great giveaways! A very useful tool.

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