New Secret Weapon…

What was one of the hottest new notions at Market & Festival you ask…?!
This nifty Seam Ripper with LED Magnifier is considered the new secret weapon of quilters, sewers and embroiderers!
Mighty Bright’s innovative model integrates both a light and a magnifier into one cleverly compact unit.
The seam ripper features a sharp metal blade that unfolds from the main handle. It allows you to tackle seams and buttons with a genius combination of illumination and magnification.
A 1.25″ lens quadruples the image size of your blade and stitch. The enlarged area is brightened by an energy-efficient LED, bringing details into sharp focus. Its ergonomically shaped handle offers a comfortable grip as you rip, snip and cut away. Durable ABS plastic construction and three micro cell batteries keep the weight at a minimum. The Seam Ripper is an incredible value for a slender dynamo. It fits nicely into any sewing kit, until you’re ready to get down to business ripping seams!

  • Bright white energy-efficient LED seam ripper
  • Durable LED lasts 100,000 hours
  • Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly
  • 1.25″ lens
  • 4x magnifier
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rotating arm
  • Sharp metal blade
  • Includes plastic safety cover
  • 3 micro cell batteries (included)
  • 5.5″ x 0.75″ x 1.5″ (Length x Height x Width)
  • Great value! Retails at only $9.99
  • Make sure to look for this at your favorite local quilt shop!

    What do you think about this cool new tool?

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    25 comments on “New Secret Weapon…

    1. Nancy says:

      What a great idea!!

    2. Mommarock says:

      Ah blessing for the visually impaired!!

    3. AnnieK says:

      This is going at the top of my x-mas wish list.

    4. gill says:

      What a brilliant idea! Are they going to be available in the UK??

    5. ritainalaska says:

      a sight saver for sure. thanx for the review!

    6. Dana Gaffney says:

      I think I need one, what a great idea.

    7. Michelle says:

      I would love to try one…it’s on my list.

    8. Quiltjane says:

      Now that is a cool new tool. Being ‘gadget girl’ and requiring a state of the art reverse sewing tool, I would definitely have one of these in my sewing box.

    9. Kristen says:

      What a great idea. Wish list for Christmas. 😀

    10. Mom C says:

      That looks like one of those AHA tools, like why didn’t someone think of this years ago. I’ll have to get one of those! Thanks for writing about it.

    11. marogez says:

      This will come in handy, especially when my eyes are a little tired and I want to work on my quilts. Very good idea!

    12. My eyes just don’t work like they used to. What a great innovative idea! I’ll have to search for this little notion!! Have a blessed day!

    13. Quilt Hollow says:

      OMG! I’ve been saying that I needed the rippers to have a magnifier and POOF here it is! My eyes will be so thankful!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!!!

    14. I have one and it is fantastic when ripping dark thread on dark fabric! I love it! ~ Jeanne

    15. jmniffer says:

      After struggling with my old, dull seam ripper earlier this week, this tool seems like the ideal upgrade. Thanks for the review.

    16. Ok, I’ve been kind of proud that I’ve been able to keep up with my original seam ripper for the past 20 years and I’ve been stubborn about buying another…until now. Can I buy this now and put in my own stocking? Perfect gift for all my other stitching friends as well! Think I can get a bulk discount? LOL.

    17. CaraQuilts says:

      I’d love to review one of these! Looks great. I’ve been trying out all different lights lately. My eyes just aren’t that good!

    18. soren2go says:

      Who needs to think about it? I just want one. Just what a baby boomer eyes need. This is definitely on my wish list.

    19. Linda says:

      What a great idea, the older I get, the more challenging things get. This is just perfect. I can get rid of the seam rippers that I have had forever and get one of these. Great tool.

    20. sunny says:

      There was one in my Christmas stocking last year, and it’s a lifesaver!! I highly recommend this product.

    21. Nancy Lee says:

      Just the thing for those of us who excel at revisionist sewing!

    22. Sally says:

      That is fantastic!!

    23. Beth says:

      Love it! I need one!

    24. Di~ says:

      How about “reading/stitching” glasses with lights on them???? Is that kind of thing available anywhere??? Thanks.

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