Show Your Love

Show the world how much you love sewing & quilting with these fun,
trendy decals for your car windows!  
The decals are made from high performance white vinyl and die-cut in 6 styles.
They range in size with the scissors being 6″ x 2.65″ to the sewing machine being 6″ x 5″.
More details HERE!
Ohh how will we choose which one to get!?
Maybe I will just get ALL of them and embellish everything with them!
Now my morning coffee can say, “I heart sewing!”
PS- these tumblers from Starbucks are the BEST!
So go grab one and throw on your favorite decal!
(photo & tumber found here…Starbucks Store)
And I can brighten up my boring binders!
What will you embellish with these cute decals?

New Designs from Serendipity Studio!

Hey Everyone!
This is Kay Whitt, designer for Serendipity Studio. I will be posting today about my newest designs. These will be available for purchase in mid-October.

I am really excited to share these new designs with you. I think you are going to love them!
First up is the Madeline Maxi Dress. The pattern has tissue pieces for seven sizes, XXS-XXL, included. This dress is semi-fitted with an option to make it knee length. As always I have packed lots of variations into the pattern so that you can express your personal style. I love to use a lot of coordinating fabrics in my designs. It provides you with a lot of opportunites to show off a particular fabric collection. Here are just a couple of the different variations that are included with the pattern:

Next up is the Savannah Swing Jacket. This one is also a tissue pattern with seven sizes included. This easy to fit jacket is featured in two different lengths. There are a lot of options for this jacket. You can make it with or without a collar and there are many choices for finishing out the sleeves with different cuffs. You can make your jacket from all one fabric or choose a few contrasting ones to mix it up a bit. It is best to use a heavier weight fabric for this design, such as a wool, silk, twill, sateen, linen, velveteen, or lightweight corduroy. As an added bonus, the instructions include how to line the jacket. This is optional, but the finished result with the lining is fabulous and I highly recommend it! Here are some images from the pattern:

The next design is my follow-up for the Fashion Formula Skirts booklet that I released last fall. This one is Fashion Formula Skirts, Volume 2! I have included 4 new skirt designs that are based on mathematical formulas. There are no pattern pieces required as all of the skirts are contstructed from strips and rectangles! This is a GREAT way to get going with garment sewing and gets many quilters “over the hump” into making clothes. These skirts are a cinch to make, easy to fit, and look great. Plus they are a great way to bust a stash and show it off in style! Here are just a few of the skirts from the booklet:

Lastly, I am super excited to announce that my second book with Krause is about to be released! This time, I did a whole book devoted to bags.  There are 12 original designs with instructions for variations to get 20 bags! The projects are divided into groups according to skill level, so there is something for everyone. I have also included my favorite techniques for making bags. By the time you have made a few bags from my new book, you will be a certified bag expert! Here is the cover and a couple of other bags from the new book. It is scheduled for release with the publisher by the end of the month.

I am proud that United Notions will be carrying all of my new goodies! Hope you have enjoyed my sneak peek! And as always, HAPPY SEWING!

LIGHT Up Our Life

I wasn’t planning on introducing this new notion for a few more weeks since it JUST came in and I have not even done an ad for it yet. BUT when I heard the customer service ladies raving over it I decided you all need to know about it NOW!
It is a wafer thin LED strip light that mounts under the throat of your sewing machine with 3M adhesive for incredible illumination. : )
It is available in a 3 bulb, 6 bulb or 9 bulb strip depending on the size of your machine.
It was even in the Quilts & More Magazine…so you know it’s legit!  
* NO Batteries Needed! – Less than 1.3 watts of power compared to 100 watt light bulbs.
That’s 98% power savings!
*100,000 Hours of life on the light.
*8 Foot power cord & switch (normal 110Volt)
*No bendable parts to get in your way.
*Portable, unplug your power cord & machine is ready to go.
*Designed specifically for quilters/sewers. LEDs are the best quality available.
*True white vertical light illuminates entire work area & needle.
Ok, here is the BEFORE
And the AFTER…  
Pretty amazing huh?
And the installation looks simple enough.
This little light could just change your (sewing) life!! ; )
Hope you all enjoy!

Country Fair Blog Hop- Sandy Klop

AND THE WINNER IS…. Akasha Johnson
NOTE FROM SANDY KLOP:  I read them all! Lots of new babies on the way! Several would make something to donate to very worthy causes,several would let a jelly roll be art, manyI think I read them all! Lots of new babies on the way! Several would make something to donate to very worthy causes,several would let a jelly roll be art, many quilts and table runners, totes, and clothing. So hard to choose but only one wrote a poem . That’s very close to my heart so I choose Akasha Johnson’s comment.

Pezzy oh Pezzy what I would do with you.

Make a tree?
Count to three?
Or make a nifty quilt of dreams?

I can use this fabric to flirt or just make a nice round skirt.

I think, I may… I think I might just use them all to my delight.

I toss a coin and then now I see that I will make all three of these. A tree shaped stuffed pillow, a quilt and a skirt.

Thanks for bring this back.

-Danell Elswick.. rabid quilter

The bad news is that we have no contact for this person. Danell, if you are out there, please contact us with your shipping information. 

Today is Sandy Klop’s day  on the moda Country Fair blog hop. We are thrilled to have her as a guest on the moda cutting table blog. Join us as she shares country fair memories, favorite fair foods and a “chicky” pattern. Let’s make Sandy welcome by following this blog and leaving her a nice comment…. and there may be a prize.

is Carmel Corn without a doubt! I think I could live on it. I have a very good friend who brings me a big bucket of Carmel corn at Christmas time. I am the only one that likes it so I get the bucket all to myself.
is watching people! I often think it is better than a movie! But sometimes I get so involved watching I forget about the people I am with. You never know who you might see!!
I would someday like to lead a group of quilters to the fabric shops in Southern France.
American Jane Studio
I have no problem deciding what to do with it once I have a stack of yummy colors and patterns to work with. The more the merrier. Three or Five are just not enough. Two Hundred! Yahoo!
I have the best memories of going to a Saturday Market with my dad. It was not like the farmers markets today. It was more like a County Fair. There was a long covered roof like you would see at a train station. Under the long roof there were long tables filled with produce, flowers, nuts and all sorts of goodies, but it was under the table that fascinated me!
Chickens, ducks, rabbits and sometimes kittens and puppies! It was noisy, smelly and so much fun!
The county fair makes me think of chickens, so for my project I made
Henny Penney, Hickety Pickety and the little red hen.
Transform a basic bun basket into a prize winning work of art. You could even fill it full of candy corn if you were so inclined.  For the instructions to make your own Henny Penny, Click here

To see my schoolhouse video, click here.

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at something else I have been working on. FABRIC, of course!
I heard from many of you about Pezzy, a retired fabric that was selling on ebay and etsy for upwards of 20.00 a fat quarter. Guess what it is back! My upcoming line, Fairy Tale Friends due in stores, October.
has more of my multi colored  Pezzy. In this collection, I called this print Magic Beans because they look just like what Jack in the beanstalk would have used.
And, wait, there’s more. An entire line of Pezzy Prints! Available in stores January BUT you can WIN a PEZZY jelly roll of the  now!!
 Follow this blog and leave me a comment about what you would do with a PEZZY jelly roll if you were the winner! I will draw a name on September 29th and announce the winner here.
One more thing,  be sure and visit Liesl from Oliver + S next. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for her blog post.
 Thank you for stopping by on my Country Fair day.


I have a few more wonderful Quiltmania books to share with you.
Take a peek & then be sure to visit our website to place your order.
Discover the history of Welsh quilting, stunning quilting designs and more than 100 exceptional photos. Moreover, thanks to our instructions, you will have the opportunity to make one (may be all four) of the featured quilts. 160 pages

From Brittany to Provence and far away places, Anne-Marie Bertrand knows how to capture the tiniest detail and the beauty of landscapes. Applliqué, embroidery, and sometimes painting blend intimately in her textile pictures. No words are needed to feel the poetic charm coming from their textiles surfaces…

127 pages.  Flip through a few pages of this wonderful book here.

Her very easy to make quilts, accessories, little birds, cushions, bags and other little gems are like rays of sunshine that you are going to enjoy sowing all over your home! Features a total of seventeen irresistible projects!  Sue Spargo has a great eye for color & this book illustrates that.
208 Pages

This is the very first book we have worked on directly with Yoko. In it, she gathers the best of her work from former times up to nowadays. With subtle appliqué designs, sophisticated pieced works, creatively shaped bags, and carefully selected materials, Yoko has chosen twenty of her favourite projects just for you. Contains detailed instructions, assembly tips and hints for perfect finishing so that you can make these gems too!

Peruse this wonderful book.

With the splendour of chintz and other beautiful fabrics and the majesty of vintage Dutch quilts which Petra passionately reproduces and interprets, each project in this book is a little gem that is going to sweep traditional quilt lovers off their feet. Petra also opens the door to her home for us and tells us about her all consuming passion! Of course, she has selected twenty of her favourite projects for us. This book is just as beautiful as this beautiful lady!
216 pages
Take a look at some of the beautiful quilts in this book here
I only wish I had time to make them all.  Oh well, in another life time maybe.