Sewline Quickthru Needle Threader

Sewline has designed this wonderful new Quickthru Needle Threader to make threading your superfine quilting and embroidery needles easy! 
It is perfect for needle sizes: 9,10,11 & 12  

This adorable lipstick shaped threader has many other functions as well…
*The end pops off to store your needles inside
*The bottom is a magnet to easily pick up those fine needles
*And the top also serves as a thread cutter.
Check out this great YouTube demo to see exactly how it works…

Notice the importance of “gently testing” the threader once you have the needle in to make sure it is lined up correctly. The threading mechanism is so delicate that it can break if pushed forcefully when not lined up.  
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3 comments on “Sewline Quickthru Needle Threader

  1. ritainalaska says:

    love new gadgets! thanx for the review … the video was a bonus. now i know how it works, it looks like this is what i need.

  2. Peggy says:

    looks really great. One question though, if you break the threading mechanism, can you replace it or do you have to buy a whole new threader?
    I’m pretty sure I NEED this! lol!

  3. Sarah Beth says:

    Hi Peggy! You can purchase replacement cartridges if you break the mechanism. They are incredibly easy to replace.

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