Web Tips: Search by Color and Theme

Did you know that you can search by color and by theme when browsing our products online?  You sure can… and it is so easy!

When you are in our storefront catalog, simply click on Fabrics in the top menu and a list of categories will appear.

Click on Browse by Color to view all the color categories you wish to browse by. Next, click on the color you wish to view, such as “Red”, and instantly see all the fabrics available in that color range.

Click on Browse by Theme to view all the various theme categories you wish to browse by.  Next, with a click of a button, you can see all the fabrics in the selected theme, such as “Dots and Stars”.

Now, wasn’t that easy? Go explore and find new Moda fabrics to add to your stash!

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2 comments on “Web Tips: Search by Color and Theme

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