Fabrique… A Market Favorite!

This little baby was a hit at market! A little while back Making Memories came out with the SLICE, which we all loved!  But now they have made it even better!  They have made it much stronger to handle fabric. It now cuts deeper and is more accurate. The precious new design cards have also been customized for us quilters! Perfect for appliqué & embellishing.

Joanna from Fig Tree gave us an awesome demo of this bad boy machine at market and the quilters loved it! 
These are the new Design Cards from some of your favorite Designers. You can find out more about these Designers and see their inspirational Fabrique projects here
And of course with every new product you have to have new accessories… we are women right?!

How many of you have already tried out the SLICE or the Fabrique and what do you think?
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4 comments on “Fabrique… A Market Favorite!

  1. I saw this demoed at Quilt Market and thought it was a really cool gadget! I’ve got it on my list of must-haves.

  2. I have a slice. You can’t butt the cut areas closely because it will just pull on the fsbric vs cut it. There is more waste than I care for, but it’s nice for cutting letters or numbers.

  3. Debra says:

    where’s the best place to buy one of these?

  4. Alicia says:

    Seems to me Slice is more suited to paper. My fab + fusible wasn’t cut as cleanly as I’d hoped.

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