MODA– in style, fashionable
PILLOW- (throw pillow) small pillow for decoration: a small decorative pillow placed
on a couch or an armchair
TALKto reveal information, especially when being pressured to do so
Welcome to the  Moda Pillow Talk Blog Hop!

Those of you that attended the Moda schoolhouse during Quilt Market fall 2010, you had a chance to see some of the moda designers show off their PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE. Each of the designers were challenged (by me) to make a pillow that describes them. It could be their design process, their history of textiles or just as simple as something that makes them happy. The definition above for talk seemed fitting since I did pressure them to talk about themselves and stand up in front of people.  The pressure has continued because now I have asked them some intriguing questions. They are going to reveal some answers during their “Pillow Talk”.  I promise nothing to risque. Oops, I can’t promise anything with this bunch of gals except that you will WANT to follow along. 

Find out about their current fabrics, patterns and other projects and….. 

Just one of the questions the moda designers will be answering during the blog hop…..
How many nights
have you or
spouse spent on the couch? 

 This will also give you the opportunity to follow all of their blogs, join them on twitter or just be entertained.

Beginning February 1, zip over to the UK to hear from Aneela Hoey.
Feb 2.  Visit the charming ladies from  Blackbird Designs.
Feb 3  Jan Patek is sure to entertain.
Feb 4th Hop on over to Anne Sutton and visit Bunny Hill Designs.
Feb 5th Cotton Way will be featuring some of her wonderful projects.
Feb 6th Joanna from Fig Tree has it all buttoned up.
Feb 7th  Kansas Troubles will amaze us all with her warmth and hospitality.
Feb 8th  Find out what Kate Spain has to share. Any pillow talk secrets?
Feb 9th Kathy Schmitz has something wonderful stitched for you.
Feb 10th Camille Roskelley wants some pillow time (sleep) after having a new baby in the household.
Feb 11th  Me and My Sister will energize you with the creativity oozing out of every orifice of their body.
Feb 12th  Hear what these two retired librarians (Minick and Simpson) have to show and tell.
Feb 13th  Liesl from Oliver+s has been so busy creating fun stuff.
Feb 14th Sandy Gervais, the queen of hearts, is featured today.
Feb 15th Lauren and Jessi Jung , one of our mother and daughter teams.
Feb 16th Sweetwater is so-o-o-o inspiring.
Feb 17th  Visit this noted historian who probably can tell you when pillows were invented.
Feb 18th Deb Strain has just joined the blog world. Stop by to see her creations.
Feb 19th Join American Jane back here to talk about her design inspiration.
Feb 20th Primitive Gatherings is joining in on the fun as our newest moda designer.
Keep your calendar open just in case we have a few more people designers joining our pillow talk.

I hope you enjoy their playful humor, casual anecdotes, and stories from childhoodas they speak through their pillow and design. (especially while being pressured to do so! )

Here is some randomness. Did you know that April 4th is official pillow fight day?
Have a million pillowcase event in your store to celebrate this national holiday.
 no fighting please!!!

Super Bowl Tail Gating Party

Moda’s Headquarters are located in Big D, that is Dallas,Texas for you foreigners. The Super Bowl will be played in the house that Jerry built which is down the road a piece in Arlington, Texas. Arlington is half way somewhere in between Dallas and Ft. Worth. The town is all a buzz with the Super Bowl activities even though our own Dallas Cowboys will not be playing in the “Big Game.” We thought we would pass along some Super Bowl ideas, for the many “football widows” out there.
Tailgating Ideas-From the desk of Amy Matheny
You don’t need a tailgate to throw a shop party before the big game – just a little Quilt Shop spirit.
 Pre-game Preparation
  • Show your spirit; wear your favorite team colors, shop jerseys, crazy hats, big foam fingers or beer goggles
  • Mark your floor with yard line marks & decorate with sports theme
  • Encourage rowdiness & play fun music
  • Have a concession stand, provide coolers with water, soft drinks and snacks
  • Visit your local party store to stock up on supplies such as face paint, or any of the above items. Some of the shy fans may need a little encouragement. 
Game Day
Huddle-up for a day of open sewing
  • Have Coaches & Referees available for help with projects
  • Black and white referee shirts are available at all sporting goods stores. The knit referee pants are optional.
  • Recruit a cute young Cheerleader or Football Player for a pressing slave
  • Provide half time entertainment with fun trivia game with prizes.  Here is a football trivia site. Use some of these questions but change it up for quilting. When was the first jelly roll invented?
Hold a Pep-rally and promote new product
  • Set-up demo stations in your classroom or around the store – be sure to have plenty of the item to sell that day
  • Give “extra points” off for purchases at your tailgate party
Sponsor a “Charity Bowl”
  • Charge an admittance of a donation to a charity
Keep fans on the edge of their seats
  • Create excitement with a concessions vendor wandering the isles with a basket of a different “concessions” each hour
  • Have fun – “get your charm packs here – your choice only 2 for $15!”
Don’t forget your camera to capture all the fun and festivities for posting on Blogs, website and a collage for the store. Be sure and send us pictures of your Super Bowl. We would love to see them.
Keep tailgaters cheering all day long with some tasty snacks;

Peanut Butter-Caramel Candy Bites with Colorful Candies
Use your team’s colors to decorate these peanut butter cookie cups.
Use refrigerated dough as the base for these candy-filled peanut butter cookies. Your kids will love helping make these…right before they gobble them up.
Yield: Makes 2 dozen
       1  (16.5-oz.) package refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough
       24  bite-size chocolate-covered caramel-peanut nougat bars
       72  candy-coated chocolate pieces
Preheat oven to 350°. Shape cookie dough into 24 (1-inch) balls, and place in cups of lightly greased miniature muffin pans. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Remove from oven, and press 1 bite-size chocolate-covered caramel-peanut nougat bar into each cookie. Sprinkle cookies evenly with candy-coated chocolate pieces.
Prep: 20 min., Bake: 15 min.
Note: We tested with Snickers and M & M’s.
Also works great with sugar cookie or choc chip dough, then add reese’s peanut butter cups as you
pull the cookies out of the oven. Crowd Pleaser!

 Kick off  Punch

Ginger Ale, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple Sherbert and 7 up. Mix equal amounts.
Add Fruit in a frozen ring of water.
Or add fresh mint.
Spike Accordingly!
ATTN: Storeowners

Visit the Workstation for clipart and graphics for signs, newsletters, etc.

What are you doing for the Academy Awards, Feb 27th. How about a red carpet event on Saturday the 26th?

Notions make everything more LOVEly!

With Valentine’s around the corner we thought we would share a few ideas to help you spread a little LOVE around your shop!
A few weeks ago we featured a smorgasbord of new notions on our Facebook page. The gadget that got the biggest rave was this new i-Top Custom Button Maker!
Just sit this tool out at your cutting table with a charm square & encourage your customers to play with it and see how incredibly fun and simple it is. It even makes brads & magnets. Oh, and just to warn you this thing is ADDICTING! Keep it out of the employees’ hands or you won’t get any work out of ‘em.

Here is a little video demo to show you how easy it really is.

Check our Facebook page to see the entire smorgasbord of new items!
Want a fun Valentine’s project to inspire your lovely shoppers?
If you frequent our Moda Bake Shop you should have recently seen this adorable Valentine’s Banner featuring Sandy Gervais’ adorable “Giddy” fabric. Make your own banner out of your favorite Moda fabrics! Display the banner over the line of fabric you used to make it and then sit beside it all the tools needed to complete it. This is such eye candy for all who enter your shop!

This project promotes:

*the fabric of your choice
*the i-Top Button Maker (Imaginisce)
*the Clover Yo-Yo Maker*either the Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter (Ellison)
*or the new SLICE FABRIQUE fabric cutter (Making Memories) to cut your letters
We hope these ideas inspire love and happiness for you and all who enter your shop!
Do you plan on doing an fun things in your shop for Valentine’s Day?

the Binding Tool

TQM products- The Binding Tool
Stock # TQMBT
When I first heard of this ruler, my first thought was REALLY????
 Who needs a ruler for binding?
The answer is EVERYONE.
This is a fantastic tool. Cut and sew binding as you normally would.
This ruler helps with measuring and joining the 2 ends of the binding.

FACTOID: Judges at many of the major quilt shows will run their hands along the edges of a quilt. They feel for a consistent, even binding. This means having batting in the binding and also that the seams are joined with a bias seam. The judges also look for a flat even binding. The binding tool helps with all of these prize winning atributes. The instructions are printed right on the ruler.

(blue paper is a protective coating- it peels right off when you buy your ruler. The Ruler in the demo is clear.)

1. Sew on your binding leaving a 12″ opening. You will need a 10″ tail on each side.

2. But the flat edge of the tool up where you stopped sewing. Bring the binding over the top of the tool and mark as indicated.

Rotate the ruler 180 degrees and repeat with the binding on the other side.

3. Open the binding, laying the right side up and cut from the marks you made. Use the tool to make your cuts, be sure to cut the 1/4″ straight line also.

4. Sew ends together. Press seam open. This works perfect every time.

 Notice how the edge of the ruler has the point trimmed off. If you cut the point off your fabirc also they line up wonderfully. (sorry for the busy picture)

TIPS: Make sure the words on the ruler are always right side up. This will help keep the ruler going in the correct direction.
Mark with a pencil and double check the angles before cutting.
Make sure you mark where th line is on the ruler not the tip of the ruler.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video must be with a million.
Visit Missouri Star Quilt co. for a How-to video.

Check out Missouri Star for an additional video using this ruler. We were so inspired by it that we have created a pattern handout for your use. http://www.unitednotions.com/LA_CUttingTable_BindingToolPattern.pdf

I am making one from assorted jelly rolls. No sashing for me. Love it!! Can’t wait to make one with bright fun fabrics also.

Web Tips: Free Patterns

You may already know about all the wonderful free patterns you can get from the Moda Bake Shop that use the Moda Precut fabrics. But, do you also know that you can download lots of free project sheets from the Moda Fabrics website?

At http://www.modafabrics.com/ we provide many free patterns that you can use with all your Moda Fabrics.  Simply go to our main website, hover over the Fun Stuff tab and click on Free Patterns. Here you will find Quilting Patterns, Sewing Patterns, Charm CD Patterns, and Online Tutorials.

All our printed Project Sheets are available to you on the web under the Quilting and Sewing Patterns sections.  The quilt patterns are designed by fabric collection to help give you new ideas on how to use that collection in a quilt.  The sewing patterns contain free patterns such as tote bags, table runners, and more to give you that inspiration you need to make a new project using your Moda Fabric.

Charm CD Patterns contain fun instructions on how to use the Moda Charm Packs.  From Quilts to Accessories, you will find the perfect project to use with your Charm pack.

Online Tutorials simply takes you to our Moda Bake Shop that lists Hundreds of free tutorials on how to use your Moda Precuts.  Need an idea on how to use your Jelly Roll?  Simply click on Bakery and select to view all the Recipes that use a Jelly Roll.  Now you just have to decide on what project you will make!

Easy, fun and inspiring. Share your finished project made with a Moda Free Patterns on our Flickr group. http://www.flickr.com/groups/modafabrics/