Have Fun with Sudoku Kits

Solve and Sew
Sudoku Quilts
4 different kits styles available
Choose from Central Park by Kate Spain,
Perennials by Kansas Troubles,
Oasis by 3 Sisters, Lovely by Sandy Gervais.
available in stores Feb 2011.
Makes a perfect Learn to Sew project for
kids or a gift for a special quilter.
Each box contains 81 charms, Sudoku puzzle and instructions.
Add 1 yard for sashing, border and binding. Quilt top measures 47″ x 47″.
A bit of history: Although the name is Japanese,
the concept of a number grid with only one appearance across and up
and down was developed by an 18th century Swiss mathematician,
Leonhard Euler. The Japanese puzzle company, Nikoli, made the puzzle
popular in the mid-80’s. It became an international sensation in 2005.
See the video explaining the kits.
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One comment on “Have Fun with Sudoku Kits

  1. Beth says:

    I love Sudoku so this quilt should be fun!

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